What is Dry Cleaning?
Dry Cleaning is similar to washing, but without water. The Dry Cleaning process uses special solvents and soaps designed not to harm the fabric and dyes of clothing that cannot withstand the effects of ordinary soap and water. By removing the water from the cleaning process and replacing it with a liquid solvent it creates a gentler process that reduces the risk of shrinkage and color loss.

What should I do if I get a stain on my clothes?
Bring you garment to us as soon as possible after the staining occurs. If you attempt to remove the stain before bringing it to your cleaners always BLOT the soiled area, never rub a spot. Delicate fabrics such as linen and silk can easily be damaged by rubbing. The longer the stain remains in the clothing it decreases the chance of removal. Heat can set stains in the fabric.

Why do my buttons crack or break?
Over time, laundered shirt buttons crack due to the heat and pressure during the cleaning and pressing process. Our policy is to identify them and replace them for free. Other buttons are not made to withstand the cleaning process and we try to identify them and remove them before the cleaning process begins.

How should I properly store my Winter Clothes?
We recommend that you have your clothes cleaned before putting them away for the winter. If you store your clothes without proper cleaning it can attract insects that can cause holes in your garment. If a stain is left in you garment it can cause discoloration due to aging. We recommend you store you clothes in mothproof bags after they have been cleaned.

How often should I clean my Leather?
A different process is used to clean Leather and Suede. We recommend that you clean your leather once a year before putting it away for storage.

What should I do with my Wedding Gown?
It is important to get your wedding gown cleaned and preserved as soon as possible after your big day. Stains left from food, beverages, body oils, and make-up, will begin to oxidize and cause discoloration in your gown. After having your dress cleaned we recommend that you store the dress in a climate-controlled area.